Tourists capture Orcas hunting sea lions (amazing video)

I am a nature lover to the extreme, and this cat and mouse game between orcas and sea lions is like nothing I have seen.

According to David Strege,

Family travels eight hours to go whale watching in Prince Rupert only to be told there’s nothing to see; once they found someone to take them, they saw plentyTravis Twizell drove his family eight hours from Prince George to Prince Rupert, British Columbia, in hopes of taking the kids on a whale-watching excursion. When they got there, they couldn’t find a boat to take them out. “It’s not whale-watching season,” he was told. “You won’t see anything,” charter-boat operators said. “I even phoned a [boat] taxi service to see if they could just take us around the harbor,” Twizell told GrindTV Outdoor. “Then I found one gentleman [who said] ‘Yeah, I’ll take you out.’” But he, too, wasn’t confident they’d see any whales. Then they saw this (warning for mild expletive):

The sea lions are using the boat as cover, and the tourists have no idea how much danger they were in. Watch how close the sea lions are to the boat, and how they zig-zag their way through the water.

One can only imagine the scene underneath the water, when you consider how spectacular the action was above it.

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