Leftist Lesson: Teach your kid how to shoplift

Who teaches their kids to steal? Leftist!

There are things you read and you know who to blame. Man gets eaten by lions on safari? Let’s all say it together…White Leftist.

See! It’s easy. There are things black people don’t do. And just like there are things black people don’t do, there are also things that Conservatives don’t do.

Conservatives don’t teach children how to STEAL! That is as PURE Leftist as you can get.

Ask the most intellectual Leftist you can find, “Who teaches their kids to STEAL?” and their head will begin to smoke and then pop-off!

The God-hating, God-booing Leftist have no recourse when you ask the SIMPLE questions. As for us Bible-thumpers, last time I checked my Bible it still reads, “Thou shalt not STEAL!”

After all these years, the commandment not to steal is still in all Bibles, and it’s not up for interpretation or negotiation.

So when I saw this story of a Mother/daughter shoplifting duo, well I knew it was a Leftist. She likely figures that STEALING is good for the economy. She certainly has the best examples in America’s current president and First Woman.

(KMOV) — Police are investigating after a woman used her young daughter to help shoplift from local stores in downtown St. Louis. According to authorities, a woman in her late 30s used her daughter, believed to be 8-years-old, as an accomplice while shoplifting from several small stores on Friday.

Read more of the story here

Here’s the lesson. When somebody questions your faith or says you are a “conservative,” remind them that they are thieves and scoundrels!


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