McDonald’s “Obama” Menu

McDonald's worker replacementI think McDonald’s should hire ONLY Mexican illegals, and then let’s see if the Left criticizes McDonald’s then.

If working at McDonald’s is so bad, doesn’t that make it one of the jobs that only a Mexican would take? I’m jus’ sayin’!

I take my youngest son to McDonald’s often. Ok I’m lying, I go there, because I check out the “Dollar Menu” because in the Obama economy, I’ve been relegated to robbing the piggy bank.

Don’t judge; because most of America has become intimate with McDonald’s “Dollar Menu,” which should be get a moniker like the Affordable Care Act, and should be affectionately called “The Obama Economy Menu.” At least this one is actually affordable!

McDonald’s is certainly doing their part to prop up the economy by offering food that poor people (the former middle-class) can afford, yet McDonald’s is under fire for “low paying jobs.”

Enter Baby Black Jesus to solve the problem with his $10.10 plan for minimum wage. Good news for white teens!

If this passes, white teens will get a raise. Black people will get the Obama Economy Menu, but at least they can pay for it with white teens’ parents’ money.

I hope Obama raises the minimum wage to $50 an hour, so I can laugh at the silly Negroes who will be pissed at all those white people getting the “good jobs at McDonald’s.” Black Liberals must be crazy to think they will get the good jobs. 

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