What the Media Didn’t Report About CPAC 2014

Reince CPACBy Jeff Dunetz

Last Wednesday, my car loaded up with my daughter, twice the needed clothes and electronic equipment, I left for my annual four-day trip to Washington DC and CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference).

Five days later, on the six hour drive home, I listened to the news reports of the conference and wondered if the media went to the same conference I attended.

Lets begin with the straw poll.

Straw polls taken three years before an election mean very little. CPAC straw polls mean even less.

Less than 25 % of the CPAC attendees voted in the straw pull. Of those, almost half of them were 25 or younger. In other words the straw poll wasn’t even a representation CPAC attendees.

And the poll was even less representative of those who will vote in the Republican Party primaries.

If you look at the history of the straw poll, in the four years before John McCain was nominated the winners of the straw poll were Rudy Giuliani, George Allen and Mitt Romney twice…

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