Obama to give Mexicans ObamaCare pinatas

Large pinataObama promises Mexicans that he will limit spying to real citizens, in an effort to get the ObamaCare numbers up.

In a town hall event with Univisino Deportes on ObamaCare hosted by Enrique Acevedo and moderated by Jose Diaz Balart, Obama discussed ObamaCare “openly and honestly.”

[pp] If you are an illegal, you need not worry about your data in ObamaCare. Private information of Mexicans will be kept in the same place he keeps his birth certificate and college transcripts, so they need not worry about the data getting into the wrong hands.

Obama actually said that the information will not be used by “the immigration people” to track down family members who are in the country illegally. Thankfully Obama explained this to the Mexican audience, as if they were 3-year olds.

Obama’s push with Mexicans was to assure them that ObamaCare is in no way linked to immigration issues, and wanted them to have the warm and fuzzies. If they scratch his back, then he will make sure that immigration doesn’t scratches theirs.

“Well, the main thing for people to know is that any information you get, you know, asked with respect to buying insurance, does not have anything to do with…the rules governing immigration,” Obama said.

Obama’s theory is the fear of being exposed as illegal is keeping many legal Mexicans from enrolling.

“You know, you will qualify, you know, regardless of what your family’s status is,” Obama said. “So, you know, people should not hold back just because they’re in a mixed-family status.”

Obama has done about everything to entice Mexicans short of giving them a pinata, if they enroll.

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