ObamaCare to be written into TV & movie scripts

ObamaCare is waging a full frontal assault, and it will soon be added to TV and movie scripts. How much is that going to cost us?


Soon our tax dollars will be funneled to Hollyweird in order to get those wack jobs put ObamaCare create storylines around that colossal failure. Will they replace ER, aka Emergency Room with WR, “Waiting Room?”

Can you imagine the fluff these fools will create with ObamaCare? What, no more asking if they have insurance on ER?

ER Doctor: “Because of ObamaCare, we can treat this bullet wound from this gang banging street thug! He got help JUST IN TIME! Now MOVE…STAT!”

Street thug: “And I got the rebate, so it’s all good!”

What is the solution from the other side of the ObamaCare argument? We just say, “It’s BAD!” We sound like whiney kids.

Why don’t we tell people that prior to ObamaCare, if you “tripped and fell,” you went to the emergency room and got treated…FOR FREE!


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