Obama’s Secret Service should be able to drink

If you were forced to protect Obama, wouldn’t you get drunk?!

In fact, if you are assigned to protect Obama [code name “Black Nimcompoop”], you should be encouraged to drink, or at the very least smoke DOPE!

Three Secret Service agents went on a binge recently, while on duty in Amsterdam, and the three have been suspended.

OK, so one of the agents was found passed out in a hotel hallway, but holy Benghazi, at least nobody died!

No harm no foul, right?

When you consider the gross negligence and misconduct in Obama’s administration, you’d think these three guys would get medals and promotions! Susan Rice, promoted. Hillary Clinton, ordained America’s next gay president!

Incompetence is worn as a badge of HONOR with Obama administration morons. In fact, I still defy anybody to tell me something Obama has done RIGHT!

I suspect that if the truth got out, we’d find out that Obama himself bought the liquor for these agents, then when caught, blamed Bush!

According to the UK Examiner:

Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan confirmed to the newspaper that three agents were sent home on Sunday for “disciplinary reasons,” but declined to elaborate on the exact circumstances.

Donovan said the incident was prior to Obama’s arrival Monday in the country and did not compromise the president’s security in any way.

This fresh incident comes as the Secret Service attempts to repair its reputation in the light of a series of scandals involving a variety of misconduct.


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