Paying for GAS with welfare

EBT for GASI live in the hood, so I know what games are being played on taxpayers. But this one really got me.

This was in the city where we already subsidize public transportation like the subways, elevated trains, buses, and so on. So when I saw this sign, I was livid.

And don’t think this is ONE gas station that accepts EBT cards. No, these are all over the city, mainly in “da hood.”

Welfare is not just for food, shelter, and clothing. No, the case has been made that poor people need to drive, you know those tricked out cars with the $5000 sound systems, spinning wheels, running board lights and curb-feelers.

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Welcome to the communism, where YOU work, so that can pay for others’ “shcrap.”

The Left will tell you that the poor need more, because people are suffering. The only people suffering these days are the ones who continue to accept this abuse by the government. The fact is, the “poor” in America are getting over, and this is why they vote for the thieves who do their dirty work.

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