Putin annexes Crimea out of fear

Putin is so afraid of Obama, he annexed Crimea.

I can only imagine what would happen if Putin were challenged to a Judo match with Obama. I’m sure that Putin, a black belt in Judo would cower in fear. He would be so scared, that when the two finally met for mortal combat, Putin would, I don’t know…rip out Obama’s spine?!

How ridiculous has Obama’s foreign policy[threat] has become. Mr. Cool is Mr. BS, and Putin knows it. I certainly am not an advocate of war; but I am an advocate of peace through strength, not peace through pansy.

One of my friends is playing professional football in Poland, and he has been visiting schools to speak about athletics. In his speeches he always says that he is from the greatest nation on earth. To his surprise, the kids ask if he is from Russia.

One thing is for sure, and that is Putin is truly a man of action. Look at the timeline.

Crisis timeline

  • 21 Nov 2013: President Viktor Yanukovych abandons an EU deal
  • Dec: Pro-EU protesters occupy Kiev city hall and Independence Square
  • 20-21 Feb 2014: At least 88 people killed in Kiev clashes
  • 22 Feb: Mr Yanukovych flees; parliament removes him and calls election
  • 27-28 Feb: Pro-Russian gunmen seize key buildings in Crimea. Parliament, under siege, appoints pro-Moscow Sergei Aksyonov a PM
  • 6 Mar: Crimea’s parliament votes to join Russia
  • 16 Mar: Crimea voters choose to secede in disputed referendum
  • 17 Mar: Crimean parliament declares independence and formally applies to join Russia
  • 18 Mar: Russian and Crimean leaders sign deal in Moscow to join the region to Russia

If only we had Putin in America to create jobs. At least he has a track record of getting things done.

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