The ugly side of Hollywood

I often discuss the ruse of the Left, and when it comes to how Hollywood portrays its fraud, people should be JAILED.

How can a “mere mortal” woman compete?

They put pressures on women (and men), which creates all the anxieties and Leftist “isms” out there. You are too “this or that,” when in fact they know they can’t compete in the ordinary world. Hollywood is not held to a standard, i.e. “truth in advertising.”

Whether it’s Jennifer Lopez lip-syncing on a show where the contestants can’t lip-sync…oh, and she’s the PRO, or Britney painting on her abs for her Vegas show, or it’s Cher, who is little more of a caricature of her real self, Hollyweird is just, in a word…DECEPTION.

Well don’t believe me. Just take a look at these Hollyweird “beauties” without their makeup or photoshop artists. Below is the REAL Alicia Keys (unphotoshopped).

Alicia Keys 2


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