Voter ID Scam by Democrats

Voter ID is as ridiculous as Barack Obama’s presidency, as fraudulent as Hillary Clinton’s presidential credentials, as crooked as Bill Clinton’s…anyway!

If you believe that requiring valid voter ID disenfranchises black people, then you are a racist who believe black people are too stupid to GET AN ID!

This is why black Democrats in PA were being BRIBED to vote against valid voter ID, as they need to perpetrate the FRAUD that requiring valid voter ID is a racist idea. These elitist Democrats must make their black minions believe this obvious lie.

And black overseers in PA did exactly what the racist Democrats above them required of them, and took BRIBES to sell out black people. So much for “representing” black people in the struggle.

Negroes for sale….Step right up!

Here’s what you should NOT expect:

  • Eric Holder to do anything
  • Ignorant black Democrat voters of PA to do anything
  • NAACP to do anything

One doesn’t have to even waste time wondering how much attention this would get from all of the above, if the Republicans were involved.

BTW for those who say that the two parties are not different, you should note that 4 Republicans were offered the SAME bribes and declined! I don’t like what the Republican Party has become, but at least we stood for principle on this one.

Read Katie Pavlich’s article at Townhall…

This video explains why Democrats want to eliminate valid voter ID.



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