Washington is now a Company Town

Much has been said recently regarding D.C.’s partisan brinksmanship, claiming that Obama can’t get anything done because Republicans are obstructionists.

Quite the opposite is true, as I believe there is far too much bi-partisanship in Washington.   There is no such thing as a Republican or Democrat anymore.  Washington has become a company town.

Leftist only recognize the “company” mentality when it applies to Big [Insert large capitalist industry here]. Government decries Big Tobacco and Big Oil, as they profit mightily from both, contributing nothing. Further, look at government’s balance sheet compared to the largest corporation, and you can see that Big Government is the 400-lb gorilla, when it comes to intimidation.

How does a “company” collect trillions of dollars annually and do absolutely nothing.

The company, Washington DC, Inc consists of a one party system made up entirely of elitist establishment crony politicians whose sole aim is to stay in power.  Once you are elected, your goal is to get re-elected and never leave town. Worst case, if you happen to leave “the hill”, you can get work at a cushy K Street lobbying firm. Problem solved!

As the nation approaches $18 trillion in debt, Congress recently voted in lockstep to give Mr. Obama a blank check without so much as a debate about it. Only Ted Cruz dared sound the alarm.  Cruz welcomed the debate. Because there was no debate, when you consider where this nation finds itself.

The framers of the Constitution wanted drawn out debate, partisanship. They didn’t want lawmakers to rubber stamp laws. There is no way they could have predicted the society in which we find ourselves, where the “smartest president” ever says America can spend its way out of debt…and he’s trying!

Washington DC, Inc is afraid of the Tea Party, because the Tea Party makes sense. There is no room for debate on issues like who’s really in charge, and asking for accountability of our employees.

The Tea Party has the potential to do a hostile takeover of Washington DC, Inc. Soon the company will be under new management.

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