Biden’s solution for Ukraine: American taxpayer money

We finally get an idea of what Joe Biden’s allowance is from Barack Obama, as Biden decides to spread a bit of American taxpayer funds to help the Ukrainians. Despite over $17 trillion of debt and the most extravagant deficit in American history, the Obama administration continues to spread the wealth (debt) around.

However, while Barack doles out billions on his redistribution binges, thankfully Crazy Joe can only give out millions.

And that what the Ukraine got according to NBC News:

Vice President Joe Biden said Tuesday that “Ukraine is in a struggle for its very future” as the U.S offered a $58-million package to the embattled country.

Biden made the comments during a joint press conference with Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk in Kiev after the pair met met behind closed doors.

He again called on Russia to pull back its troops from the Ukrainian border and reiterated that the U.S. believes Crimea to be an “illegal occupation.”

Biden also paid tribute to the pro-West protesters who had “braced the bone-chilling cold weather and stood down snipers in the Maidan [during the protests against ousted President Viktor Yanukovych].”

These types of visits are really an embarrassment to America, and amount to little more than “payoffs” to governments for not openly joking about the Obama administration.

If the Obama administration would admit to that, I’m sure the American taxpayers would find giving away our money during a financial crisis a bit more palatable.

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