BREAKING: Piers Morgan to join Fox News

Not even a day has passed and Piers Morgan has a new gig, and with Fox News!

Holy Mother-of-all-things-Unholy, what in the H-E-double crooked socks (hell) could Roger Ailes be thinking?!

As reported at Fox News Online:

Asked why Fox New decided to revive Morgan’s career, Fox News president Roger Ailes replied, “Well when would we get a better deal for Piers than after he’s been fired. The Fox News audience can’t stand him, so our expectations are to have more conservatives go to battle with Piers, which could produce good ratings. For what I’m paying him, what do I have to lose?”

Here I thought we were done with that British wanker, and now Fox News picks him up.

Is the plan to have a live audience throw peanuts at him? Not to mention, Morgan’s show on CNN got all the viewership of a public access channel, and here he is joining the top news channel on cable TV!

All I can say about this is APRIL FOOL’S!

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