California city literally running business out of town

While most states are clamoring for business, particularly states run by tax and spend Liberals, California is taking the opposite approach.

Capitalism is under fire, at least legitimate capitalism is in Liberal enclaves around America. If you want to have a hot sauce factory in CA, then you’d better conform. However if you want to grow pot, and stink up the city, who cares.

According to Fox News:

A Southern California city declared the factory that produces Sriracha hot sauce a public nuisance Wednesday night, and gave its operators 90 days to make changes that stop the spicy odors that have prompted complaints from some residents. 

The Irwindale City Council’s action allows city officials to enter the factory and order changes if the odors persist after the 90-day deadline. The measure passed by a unanimous 4-0 vote.

The decision came despite testimony by air-quality experts that progress was being made toward a resolution. The South Coast Air Quality Management District said its inspectors have taken air samples inside the plant, and believed the information gathered should allow the factory and the city to resolve their differences.

Attorney John Tate, who represents Sriracha maker Huy Fong Foods, Inc., said the company had been working with the AQMD on its filtration system since the complaints first arose and was committed to finding long-term solutions by June 1.

He called the public nuisance declaration a demonstration of “the city flexing its muscle and thumbing Huy Fong in the eye.”

In a time of practically no job, the Irwindale City Council would rather chase away a business, rather than look for a solution.


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