California lottery for the homeless

The tolerant compassionate Left of the land of fruits and nuts want to bribe their homeless to leave city property. Lucky for those homeless “occupiers” they are not Tea Party members.

Over 30 years ago my deadbeat drug-addict father explained the California welfare system to me, and he said that if one were to take advantage of welfare in CA, it was the equivalent of $41,000 a year tax free. That was three decades ago. I have no idea what it amounts to now, but it’s safe to presume that it’s only gotten better.

So in addition to all the booty one can get on the welfare system, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, there is a bonus program.

The city of Albany is willing to fork over $3,000 of California taxpayers’ money in order to bribe homeless occupiers to leave a former landfill area that the city will soon transform into a park. And the city wants these interlopers gone by Friday, with pets and possessions.

Yes, they are even kicking out PETS!

As for possessions, I don’t want to set the strategy for the defendants, but I suggest they claim to possess a few illegal Mexicans, and see how the city handles things then.

One other stipulation of the bribe  is that the offending occupiers must agree to  stay away from the area for at least a year. That’s it? No wonder 28 people signed up for  the settlement and will receive $3,000 each.

Perhaps they should have held out for more. We all know you should accept the first offer, right?

And apparently 25 additional homeless people did not accept the offer. After all, this is California, where Liberals don’t kick people off of their property? You can’t call it Utopia, if you have villains. Yet the city of Albany is willing to play the villain, as according to East Bay Express. the city will just kick the other 25 people out with no bounty…period.

And they say capitalists step on the throats of the downtrodden? The city is scandalous in comparison.

  • They make a low-ball offer.
  • Pay those who accept it,
  • then bulldoze those who don’t.


There has been a long-standing legal dispute between the homeless, some of whom have lived in this area known as The Bulb, and the city for over 15 years. The Bulb is a 31-acre tract that has been occupied by these homeless for over a decade. And now California Leftists have come to the conclusion that people can’t live off the grid, occupying taxpayer funded land that could serve a better purpose.

The great unwashed will have to take their three grand and find a new hippie compound. That’s what the money is for!

Because Liberals solve problems with MONEY. And as LBJ put it when he was oppressing blacks with his Great Society BS, [pp]

“Give ’em just enough to get by, but not enough to make a difference.”

I’m not advocating for giving people money who have thwarted the system. I think these homeless should have been relocated long ago, and forced to contribute to society just like the rest of us, versus the solution by the city of Albany which was to essentially ignore the problem, until they could come up with a buyout.

The Left always gets it twisted. They move their homeless problems around, essentially creating a “cottage industry,” as homeless move from state to state with the best solutions to the homeless problems. Hawaii gave homeless people one-way airfare to the mainland, New York gave one-way bus, plane, or train tickets to their homeless as incentive to leech off taxpayers somewhere else.

Here’s something better.

San Jose has considered a plan to put up homeless people in hotels, while they look for jobs and get job training. Imagine that, homeless people living better than many working Americans. I hope they threw in room service and unlimited mini-bar privileges.

If you think it can’t get more ridiculous, consider that some New York City landlords have evicted paying tenants to make room for homeless shelters.

The good news is under Obama, soon we may all soon be homeless, and have the chance to join the homeless lottery circuit.


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