Another Jesse Jackson family member declared crazy

Cook County Judge Cynthia Brim was recently arrested and locked up by authorities after tossing a set of keys and shoving a sheriff’s deputy in the Daley Center court complex. What’s interesting about the reporting is it’s difficult to find a story that explains that that Judge Cynthia Brim is a relative of Jesse Jackson.

Just the day before, Brim presided over traffic-ticket cases — when she went on a racist tirade and had to be asked to leave the courtroom.

For her erratic actions, Brim has been removed from the bench indefinitely. However, in typical Chicago Jackson style, Brim doesn’t care that she’s crazy and wants to be reinstated.

Adding to the drama is the report that Brim made comments during the call that were “racial in nature,” accusing south suburban towns of ticketing only black and Hispanic drivers. She further accused south suburban police officers of conspiring to get her fired.

Brims position as a judge appears to be a straight up case of “know who” versus “know how.” Take a look at  her record and judge for yourself:

Before becoming a judge in 1994, she worked as an assistant Attorney General in Chicago, according to Sullivan’s Judicial Profiles. In 1996, she was assigned to the county courthouse in Markham, the moved to Bridgeview in 1998. In June 2010, she returned to Markham.

Brim was reelected in 2000 and 2006, though she was not recommended by a majority of area bar associations both times.

The Chicago Council of Lawyers said in 2006 she showed up late to court too often and demonstrated a “lack of a good grasp of the law.”

Brim told the Sun-Times then she had handled 220,000 cases, and “only eight cases have been appealed out of all of those. I never was reversed in any of them.”

In 2000, she received negative reviews from 10 of the 11 bar associations. She had relatively little experience as a lawyer before elected to the bench in 1994. The consensus: Brim lacks sufficient legal knowledge and skills to be a good judge.

As of this posting, Cynthia Brim has been declared not guilty  by reason of insanity.

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