Democrat Strategy for ObamaCare: Ingenius!

I give you the Democrat’s strategy for ObamaCare going into the November 2014 elections. It’s ingenius in its simplicity.

The Democrats plan to lie like a penny in a parking lot.

They will just do what Democrats always do, and the Republicans will never see them coming.

So what the ObamaCare website cost billions of dollars, was built by Obama and staff cronies, and really doesn’t work? Psst!

Who cares that cancer patients can use their same doctors, care centers, or got kicked off their plans. Die people die. You kill the stats!

And wWho needs the young, when ObamaCare is doing a great job of killing those who really need it.

Finally, when all else failed in trying to hit the numbers, then just sign people up without their knowledge or permission.

With all this evidence, here is what the Rolling Stone reported on ObamaCare:

But then something extraordinary happened. That “wrecked” train pulled right into the station. Early. On March 27th, the administration announced that the federal and state exchanges had signed up more than 6 million Americans for insurance plans. Four days later, on the last night of open enrollment, that number jumped past the original goal of 7 million. And that didn’t include as many as 9 million people who bypassed exchanges and bought policies directly from insurance companies. “It’s been a winding road,” says Larry Levitt, a senior vice president at the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation, “but Obamacare is actually working as expected.” With support for the ACA growing – in the latest NPR poll, 54 percent either approve of the law or want it to go further – the reality is dawning on the GOP that the law could still prove a wedge issue this fall, against its own electoral interests. “The Republican focus on Obamacare is backfiring,” says Stanley Greenberg, a top Democratic pollster, who conducted the survey with a GOP counterpart. “They’re on the wrong side of the issue.”

We recently posted on ObamaCare only signing up 25 percent of people eligible for rebates. When 75 percent of the people who could profit from ObamaCare don’t sign up, that’s called a “clue,” Watson.

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