What’s this oozing out of my steak?

We’re the government, and we’re here to help! Think the FDA can’t be bought off?

All I can say is “Be sure to inspect your food YOURSELF!” The government wants you to believe you are under the cloak of their protection, but you are not.

As reported here:

WASHINGTON – The federal agency overseeing food inspection is imposing new rules reclassifying as safe for human consumption animal carcasses with cancers, tumors and open sores.

Federal meat inspectors and consumer groups are protesting the move to classify tumors and open sores as aesthetic problems, which permits the meat to get the government’s purple seal of approval as a wholesome food product.

Essentially the new rules will allow meat processors to “cut around” the infected areas.

We rarely think about the corruption that can occur in other government agencies, or the idiot ideas that don’t protect us, like gun control. But the fact is, the FDA is no better at protecting us than good old common sense.

According to the earlier referenced article,

The Agriculture Department began implementing the new policy as part of a pilot project in 24 slaughter houses last October, and plans to expand the system nationwide covering poultry, beef and pork. The agency this month extended until Aug. 29 the time for the public to comment on the regulations, and won’t issue final rules until after the comments are received.

I’d say to find out more and voice your opinion on this. It’s not like we are starving in this country. Did you get a memo on a meat shortage?

This might just be a union ploy to keep their inspection jobs. But when it comes to health, better safe than sorry on this one.

Read more about how this is already affecting what you eat, here




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