The Future of “Men”

Don’t you wish at times you could allow Liberals to gaze into a crystal ball and see the future?

What would they get to see. I guess if you are a “live for today” type, and don’t care what the future holds for posterity, even your own, then why worry about debt and deficits and such.

For men today, I have to say the outlook is good for you.

According to the results of a longitudinal study published by the Bureau of Labor Statistic, American women born in the early 1980s are 33 percent more likely to have earned a college degree by the time they reach 27 years of age than their male contemporaries.

So not only are women “easier,” they have become well-conditioned to take care of a guy; be the bread winner.

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Now I’m not getting after men who are stay at home fathers or those who have made the decision to support their wife’s career. I’m talking about the Liberal guys who connive to have a woman take care of them; they wear that like a badge of honor.

For more on the study, go here




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