Gov’t LOOKS for crap to regulate; here’s the latest

You know government is nothing but a busybody, when they attack WOOD!

As in wood stoves. The heater that man has been using since, well…the dawn of MAN, now is too much of a pollutant!

According to Fox News:

The Environmental Protection Agency proposed a rule changes in January that would dramatically tighten emissions requirements on new wood-powered heaters, though does not impact ones already in homes.

The EPA estimates that as much as 13 percent of all soot pollution in the U.S. is a result of inefficient wood-fired stoves and boilers.

The dispute pits several mostly urban states, mainly in the northeast, against some rural states such as South Dakota, which says the rules would impose an unfair burden on people in remote areas. About one in four South Dakota homes has a fireplace or wood stove.

Among those opposed to new rules are South Dakota Republicans Sen. John Thune and Rep. Kristi Noem, who say the new requirements will have a big impact on South Dakotans who rely on wood stoves during the long winter.

“Leave it to the EPA to impose more regulations on an affordable and renewable fuel source after one of the coldest winters on record and a costly propane shortage,” Noem said.

The same people responsible for the fires in California don’t want you to burn wood…another of nature’s renewable energy. What next, banning farting? A FART TAX!

The Left just need to get lives, and stop trying to play mother to Mother Earth. She’s done fine without them for what…5 BILLION years?

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