The Hitler Cup and Obama Gear

The Obama hoopla is over, and for good! I know the media pretends to faun all over the man, but truth be told, they know he’s America’s village idiot.

I recall all the Obama paraphernalia that was sold during Obama’s height in popularity, and I chuckled because I knew what was coming.

They sold Obama crap at the farmer’s market where I buy produce, and you can’t find a single Obama item.

“Yes We Can” is now “No He Didn’t.”

I remember the closing of the Obama store in DC, and one business where I live finally took down their Obama family plate. I passively aggressively chided them once, and asked, “Did the Obama family plate accidentally break?” They have it prominently displayed on a mantle above the cash register, and it was noticeably gone, along with the hoopla.

Obviously that business owner got “no hope and no change.”

Instead of seeing the unemployment numbers, I’d like to know how much junk inventory there is of Obama crap around the country. Even Dollar General won’t buy that crap, and they pay pennies on the dollar.

Let me put it another way. Dollar General knows that their demographic, the Dollar General shopper,  the poor people who voted Obama in, in order to get their redistribution of funds won’t waste their money any more on Obama crap. There is NO future in it; not on eBay, not at garage sales, and not at flea markets. You might see the occasional homeless person wearing an Obama shirt, and we all know that Obama’s shirt is the uniform of the criminal. But that’s about it!

So when I saw this article about hitler cups, I couldn’t help but think about Obama.

MAINZ, Germany – A furniture store in western Germany sold nearly 200 coffee mugs bearing a portrait of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler after it mistakenly ordered 5,000 of the cups from China.

The company put the cups on display at four of its outlets before the “bad buy” was recognized, one of the store’s owners said on Friday.

“Our staff is devastated by this very unfortunate error,” Christian Zurbrueggen, co-owner of the Zurbrueggen chain store told NBC News. “We have been in touch with the manufacturer … to prevent further distribution of these nasty cups.”

Would anybody DARE order Obama crap ever again? I predict that people won’t even admit to having ever owned Obama crap in the future, lest they be flogged.

Obama’s own website is begging harder for sales, than ObamaCare. Obama’s problems with his crap is he can’t force people to buy his crap…unless you count ObamaCare.

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