Atheists crotchelss panties in a wad over IA governor proclamation

The God-hating Left has their crotchless panties in a wad, as Iowa Governor Terry Branstad issued a proclamation for heathens to change their evil ways and turn to God.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Terry E Branstad, as Governor of the State of Iowa, do herebyinvite all Iowans who choose to join in the thoughtful prayer and humble repentance according to II Chronicles 7:14 in favor of our state and nation to come together on July 14, 2014.

Why would the governor dare ask people to turn to the Bible and this “walk by faith, not by sight” God, and stop committing all those SINS! We Bible-thumpers are pure evil, right?

Atheist either attack the church, specifically Christianity, or sit by idly as Christians are attacked. Let’s just call atheist what they are: too lazy to want to consider why there is undoubtedly a God.

These fools would rather believe in magic or witchcraft, than admit that in order to have “beings” and the complexities of the Universe, there MUST be a God. And they call us stupid?

Iowa proclamation

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