James Carville predicts the demise of Republicans…again

James Carville is a political dinosaur, but the Left knows how to use him. That’s because most of the power people on the Right speak dinosaur.

If you think it’s tough making a pro sports team roster, try becoming a power player in politics. That’s the most incestuous game in America, and both sides protect who gets to enter. How else could you have been so wrong on the future of Republican politics and still be taken seriously?

After the 2008 election of Barack Obama, Carville  said that the Republicans wouldn’t win another election for 100 years. Carville and about every other Democrat felt that Barack Obama was the Second Coming of Jesus, and there was no way the Republicans could recover from the Left’s election of the smartest, coolest president ever.

Then Obama went to work. And by went to work, I mean went to work destroying America.

You know what happened after that. The carnage of 2014, and what Obama admitted was a “shellacking.”

In his recent comments about politics, one of the highest paid political consultants, James Carville decided to skip commenting on the Carnage 2.o v2014, instead subtlely anointing Hillary Clinton president in 2016. And as with all paid Liberal mouthpieces, Carville felt it necessary to tell Republicans how to mount a challenge against Hillary:

“Everybody’s going to have a poll in the field showing how they fare in the general election against Hillary…They’re not going to not nominate somebody because of Common Core. Trust me.”

Sure. Trust him. Like in 2008?

Common Core? Carville knows that Common Core is a fish that’s been out of water for three days. The Democrats may have to run on Common Core, since despite Pelosi’s declaration, they will not run on ObamaCare. But the Republican strategy is as simple as it gets: Run against the Left.
The fact is, the Democrats have nothing to run on, as Obama hype is D-E-A-D, dead. They can feign hoopla over Hillary Clinton, but once the light of day is shined on her well-worn buttocks, she will leave little to be desired.
“Vote for me. I was the person who was ordained to win last time.”
The Democrats would love Hillary to have the panache of Bill, but she doesn’t have it. Hillary Clinton can’t hide who she is for long, and let’s face it, HD won’t be kind to her during televised debates. All  Republicans have to do is select a moderately good-looking warrior. And that warrior must be willing to simply debate Hillary on the OUTCOME of their policies. No blame Bush mantras allowed, simply “What did Baby Black Jesus and you do, Hillary?”
But this won’t stop Carville and the media from trying to set the non-strategy of getting a Republican to run on Common Core.
You’ve have to have a public education and vote Democrat to fall for that nonsense.
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