Kevin Jackson & The Black Sphere Need You! Voter Outreach, Community Service – See How You Can Help

In addition to informing, entertaining and regularly taking liberals to task, The Black Sphere is also a community-oriented organization. We’re not just talking and complaining about key issues affecting our country. No, we have developed solutions to these problems and invite you to help us bring these goals to fruition.

In short, The Black Sphere is pro-family, pro-CHILD and committed to reaching more minorities with the conservative message–with words and action.

Our projects are simple and they accomplish three POWERFUL things:

  1. They must solve a problem in the community through working in the community.

  2. All our projects expose the lies being told against Conservatives and the Tea Party movement, a bi-partisan movement that only wants what the Constitution guarantees.

  3. Our projects force Liberals to face their lies, and thus tell the TRUTH about conservatism, that Conservatives are the salt of the Earth, and the most decent human beings on the planet.

Below, you’ll find a brief description of each program with a link provided for more detailed information. Additionally, you’ll can find out ways in which you can help make a real difference, by volunteering and/or donating to The Black Sphere.

Forever Family

We are a committed pro-CHILD organization, and we feel that it is our responsibility to help children, once born, to find their Forever Families.

Our Forever Families project works in conjunction with adoption facilitators, and Kevin Jackson has served on the advisory board of one of these agencies for over 8 years. Because of his team’s hands-on efforts, he has seen first-hand the impact of a Forever Family on a child. That’s why each year we help over 100 children find their Forever Families.

The average age of a child we help is 12 years old.  These children have the most horrendous stories, suffering mental and/or physical abuse that most of us will never know.  Our program strives to get children adopted as sibling units, because staying together is important for them, in our opinion.

Click here for more information on Forever Family

Operation Outreach

Kevin has noted that, “Election after election, we keep expecting the Republicans to save us. It hasn’t happened and it won’t.”  That doesn’t mean it can’t be done. We can do it!

In less than TWO years we will make Conservative a POSITIVE term in the black community. We have initiated our project to begin messaging in the black community (and eventually Latino). On June 3, our radio ads began running Washington DC, and will reach about 25 percent of the black population of DC. This may seem small, but people talk. And when black people start hearing our message, from us, it will create a ripple. And that small ripple will create a political tsunami that the Left fears.  Check out our audio spot!

We are partnered with one of the largest media buyers in America to maximize our reach, and production is underway for additional ads that will include the Hispanic community.

DC is just the beginning, as we will add other major markets, finally targeting battleground states as the election of 2014 nears.

Click here for more information on Operation Outreach

100, 000 Ambassadors

The purpose of the Ambassador program is minority outreach.  For more information on 100,000 Ambassadors, click here.


The Black Sphere organization is working with over 300 kids in 6 St. Louis Public Schools through our Education Connectors Program, a partnership with UrbanFUTURE.

We, in partnership with family, school and community, are dedicated to the success of urban youth through character formation, academic growth and career preparation.  We seek to close the academic achievement gap in urban schools by working with 4th – 8th grade students–the most critical grades—to prepare students for success in high school and beyond.

Our intent is to show that while most people are forming committees and subcommittees to assess the problems, we are solving them.

Click here for more information on Connectors

If you are interested in partnering with us, donating to our projects, or volunteering, please contact us and let us know how you wish to help.

 Your donations are also appreciated!

 And, don’t forget to tune in to The Black Sphere Radio Program!  Missed a show?  Podcasts are available.

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