KKK Leader: Public racist, privately loves black MEN

It’s funny to learn how Democrats present themselves publicly, and we learn about what they live in private. I can hardly wait to find out all the skeletons in Barack Obama’s closet. For now I will just have to have a chuck at another noted racist Democrat, KKK leader Glenn Miller.

It turns out that racist Democrat Miller, a former Ku Klux Klan “grand dragon” who recently killed three people outside Kansas Jewish centers earlier this month had a penchant for black men.

Before becoming an FBI informant, Miller was caught in a compromising position — in the backseat of a car doing the “nanana” with a black man. As ABC New reported:

In the course of their investigation, authorities also learned the stunning details of Miller’s arrest a year earlier. Raleigh police officers had caught Miller in  the back seat of a vehicle, in mid-act with a black male prostitute masquerading as a woman.

“It was pretty shocking,” says [then-federal prosecutor J. Douglas McCullough], “because of his personal stances that he had taken and what he was now accused on engaging in.”

McCullough says he has read the police report of the incident but declined to comment on the specifics. “I would rather not go into the details,” he said. “They’re rather salacious. I think the facts speak for themselves and people can draw their own conclusions about how incongruous that is.”

Talk about doing a 180 on the Sterling story; the irony being Sterling was cool with blacks publicly, but racist privately.

Next time you are around a racist Liberal, let me know which they say is worse.


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