Lack of Medicaid expansion now called racist by MSNBC

I hope I shove enough of these idiotic “wolf cries” of racism stories down America’s throat so often, that you get as sick of them as I am.

Yet another metrosexua,l latent-if-not-outright-gay media type wants to help black people. His weapon? You guessed it…accusations of racism.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes will save black people by accusing half the country of plotting against black people with Medicaid, as reported at Newsbusters:

“The racial prism I use to analyze American politics has grown sharper and I think in some ways more pessimistic in the Obama era. I will cop to that, unquestionably. Like, I do think, see things more thoroughly through the prism of race.”

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Hayes’ logic is so flawed, but allow me to summarize.

If a Republican state doesn’t expand Medicaid, the state is racist. If a Republican state does expand Medicaid, it’s because the state has few blacks, and is still a racist state.



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