LGBT has a big loss in Mozilla and don’t even know it

Leave it to the tolerant Left to railroad an entrepreneur from the company he founded, all because he exercised his God-given, Constitutionally-support right to support a cause. Marriage.

Not “traditional marriage,” but MARRIAGE. The only kind of marriage, the marriage between a man and a woman. Because that is the definition of marriage.

If gays want to “marry,” they will need to find another word. Call it GARRIAGE…or LBTGQarriage!

And though I can’t speak for the Conservative movement, I will honor any word, as long as it’s not stolen, like GAY or QUEER! “Stop thief!”

Gays believe they have won another battle.

“We dumped the CEO, because he wasn’t down for our cause! We’re here…we’re QUEER!” 

So we get a statement from the “new and improved” Mozilla:

“We know why people are hurt and angry, and they are right: It’s because we haven’t stayed true to ourselves,” said Mozilla Executive Chairwoman Mitchell Baker in a statement. “We have employees with a wide diversity of views. Our culture of openness extends to encouraging staff and community to share their beliefs and opinions in public. This is meant to distinguish Mozilla from most organizations and hold us to a higher standard. But this time we failed to listen, to engage and to be guided by our community.”

So the founder of Mozilla’s PERSONAL views have no place in the Mozilla community?

The good news is Mozilla has rooted out the evil in their organization, as there are obviously no other people working there who believe as Brendan Eich believes. All is well in high-tech!

Further, I had no idea that Mozilla was not a high-tech company, but a company whose agent was to “teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.” Here’s your coke, gay boy!

Ah, but the founder of Mozilla, Brendan Eich will have the last laugh. This dude is da bomb!

Brendan Eich was one of the inventors of JAVA. Java ain’t coffee people, but the language that allows everything to talk to everything. The world moves on Java. It’s as heavily used as…COFFEE!

Brendan Eich is smart, intelligent, savvy, and filthy stinking rich. And Eich knows how to put those qualities to good use.

The man who’s IDEAS are at the core of that company is now GONE, as will be his stock. And despite their protestations and ultimate “win”, the LGBT haven’t changed who Brendan Eich is. In fact, the LGBT now have a creative genius who is leery of their cause.

He will now protect himself from the LGBT, aka the tolerant Left.

Brendan Eich believes that the LGBT cannot simply change a definition. He has drawn the line at their indulgences, because that’s all this is…another chance for the gays to get their way. The Left is all about indulgence.

Bill Clinton wanted to redefine sex. Self-indulgent.

He also wanted to point out the nuances of “is.” Why? To get out of a jam of his own creation.

I hope Brendan Eich goes on Shark Tank, and asks every entrepreneur looking for financing, “Are you gay? Yes. I’m out!” Since I came out “NOT Gay” a while back, I think I will see if Brendan Eich will work with me to promote the cause of the NOT Gay.

Brendan Eich, if you need a job…call me!


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