Liberal Detective Series – YOU spot the Liberal(s)

In this episode of Liberal Detective Series – YOU Spot the Liberal(s), we give you life in Utopia.

A mother reads her son’s Facebook page, and finds out that two teenagers are planning to kill him, when he leaves school that day.

As CBS reports:

Police arrested two teenagers on Friday afternoon, using the information boys had posted on social media to find them.

The boys were picked up down the street from West High School — right where they had said they would be, police said. In the suspects’ car, police said they found a handgun, a loaded magazine, marijuana and a large bong.

Here are some clues…Can you pick the race of these kids?

  • The teens posted what their potential crime on Facebook

TRUE. Only black criminals and silly white teen girls planning on hooking up post their nonsense on Facebook. It’s for street cred. Think of rappers, rapping about crimes they have committed and getting arrested.

  • The article doesn’t mention race.

TRUE. Executive Order #24983 states, “By declaration of Der Fuhrer Barack Obama there will be no media mention of black people or Muslims committing crimes. When possible, allude that somebody white is the perpetrator.”

  • The kids were waiting to shoot the teen a few blocks from the school.

TRUE. There is no way you can wait in a car to shoot somebody in a white neighborhood without being spotted by somebody with white privilege, aka a white person.

  • Detectives found the kids with a gun, marijuana, and a bong.

MAYBE. though arguably many white trash teens could be implicated.

  • What might have thrown you off is the plugged-in nosy mother, who checked Facebook. Nice catch!

This likely means that the boy is a mulatto with a white mother and an absentee black father.

How well did you do?

Check back next week for another episode of Liberal Detective Series.


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