Look at who People magazine honors…and who they DON’T

I have no use for Leftist rags, and this is why. People magazine remembers the stars we lost, and they begin with Phillip Seymour Hoffman, heroin addict.

In their reminiscing, People makes no mention of any military man or woman who lost their lives protecting this country. Yes America, we are firmly entrenched in a culture where the Left values drug addicts who can act over the people who protect this nation.

Military deaths

Coming on the heels of a Democrat Congressman’s declaration that Congress is underpaid, the very same Congress who has allowed our military to need SNAP cards, and limited these very same protectors to two meals per day.

I realize that our military men and women are not “personalities,” but how about a tribute to all of them in a photo montage. I consider the military a “personality,” given that Hollyweird has certainly made enough military movies. Doesn’t that qualify them?

Remember under Bush how the media mentioned soldiers killed in action, and protested the war. Under Obama they are silent. 34 “personalities” died, according to People magazine, but 119 HEROES died in 2013.


For the Left, the military is a prop, nothing more.

I think it’s time we establish some high-profile award show for the military, for Conservative business leaders, and for religious institutions. Isn’t it time CONSERVATIVE PILLARS be showcased!

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