Man cuts off arm with ObamaCare DIY amputation kit

When 44 year old Mark Goddard couldn’t get doctors to cut off his arm, he just did it himself.

Welcome to ObamaCare!

Sure this story comes from England, but it’s coming to America soon enough. The good news is that Goddard was able to get an ObamaCare DIY Amputation kit, and thus not rely on DHS, England’s version of ObamaCare.

Goddard injured his arm in a motorcycle accident, and he felt like 16 years was long enough to wait for surgery. During this time Goddard endured excruciating pain, which led to the drastic decision to amputate the arm. Doctors in England said that there was no reason to remove a perfectly good hand because of pain, and refused to perform the surgery.

GuillotineIt’s not like the guy made the request to cut off his arm willy-nilly. Yet the doctors presumed to know more about his pain than he.

Apparently the fact that Goddard had earlier tried to amputate his arm with a knife didn’t factor into the doctors’ decision.

So after gathering materials to complete his ObamaCare DIY Amputation kit, the father-of-one built the guillotine using an axe, some springs and an old gate post. WHACK and it was all over.

In order to insure that it was over, Goddard took his amputated hand, and tossed it in a fire. Ironically, if paramedics could have gotten a healthy hand, NHS would have tried to re-attach it. That’s the same logic Americans can expect with ObamaCare.

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