Military hairstyles are now racist?

We live in a time when everything is racist, including military haircuts.

Nobody puts a gun to your head to join the military. There is no mandatory enlistment, so it’s a personal choice. I recall when Perot Systems required men to wear the same “uniform” to work, which was a boring suit and tie combo. I remember saying, “It would be a drag to work there.” I never did.

However, in the volunteer military, black women are upset about the haircut guidelines, as report here in CNN:

“We feel let down,” Jacobs told the Army Times. “I think, at the end of the day, a lot of people don’t understand the complexities of natural hair. A lot of people, instead of educating themselves, they think dreadlocks and they think Bob Marley, or they see women with really big Afros and they think that’s the only thing we can do with our hair.”

I say enough is enough. Get out of the military and wear your hair any way you wish…like these white chicks!

Time for a hair cut








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