NASDAQ tanking: Obama and ObamaCare

If you need an indicator that ObamaCare is a serial killer, just look at the NASDAQ companies.

Is there ObamaCare for corporations, because business is dying. I reported on the Retail sector a while back, as they are dying from the Black plaque that is Obama. But Obama’s “turd touch” is not limited to Retail, and of course easily predictable for biotech.

According to Market Watch.

Since the beginning of the year, the Nasdaq Composite Index has given up more than 4% of its value, dropping from a high of around 4,357 in early March to close Friday at 3,999.73. That’s the index’s lowest close since Feb. 3.

The chief culprit is the healthcare sector, with biotech stocks slumping badly. The Dow Jones U.S. Biotechnology Index was down 7.74% for the year as of Friday’s close; the Dow Jones Medical Supplies Index is down 6.38%.

While the companies suffering have issues of their own, there is little doubt that the “unknowns” around ObamaCare aren’t helping.


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