Obama does a touch and go at Fort Hood

It’s good to see that Obama has his priorities straight. After the Ft. Hood ceremony, Obama went right back to fundraising.

I’m just grateful that we have a president so focused on the important things. No sense dwelling on yet another tragic base shooting on his watch when there is money to be raised, and rich people to hang out with.

According to the schedule on the White House website, Obama and the first lady arrived in Killeen, Texas, at around 11:30 a.m. CT. They attended the memorial, doing little more than what pilots call a “touch and go, then departed for a Democratic National Committee fundraising event with a proposed start at 5 p.m. CT.

Wow, with only a couple hours of flight time, that was cutting it close.

As for the fundraiser, well coming on the heels of the new SCOTUS decision regarding donations, no sense not going big. Tickets for this event started at $16,200 a person and went as high as $64,800 for a couple, it was rumored.

Following that fundraising event, Obama delivered remarks at a Democratic dinner event Wednesday night, I’m sure giving solemn remembrance to the deceased Ft. Hood troops whom he had “honored” earlier.

It’s just refreshing to know that Obama is still working hard on keeping his promises and doing what he does best.


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