Obama wants lying in politics LEGALIZED

This will truly be Obama’s legacy. He actually wants to protect lying during a political campaign.

This should come as no surprise, since Obama is the man who has broken about every promise he made to the American people. Can you imagine being able to sue Obama or the Fed for the broken promises? Proving damages is simple. Just pull out your ObamaCare insurance bill.

Through his U.S. Solicitor General arguing before the U.S. Supreme Court, Obama has now offered that lying in political campaigns isn’t merely protected by the First Amendment; Obama wants lying to be a specially protected form of speech, impervious to even state governments.

Ohio is the state that prompted Obama to put in protection for lying politicians, as Ohio has outlawed intentional deception of voters, and established heavy criminal penalties against it when the lies can be proven.

As Constitutional lawyer Lyle Denniston noted, in his “Argument preview: Attack ads and the First Amendment”:

“In all of the history of the First Amendment, the Court has never ruled that false statements are totally without protection under the Constitution.”

Fitting that a Supreme Court stacked with Obama’s liars and frauds will get to decide the case SBA List v. Dreihaus; and could continue to allow lying in campaigns with no ramifications.



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