ObamaCare lies getting bigger and better

By the time the election of 2014 rolls around, all of America will be signed up for ObamaCare, and half of Mexico.

The only thing Obama can do for this filthy piece of legislation is to SELL IT.

Make the numbers look as rosy as unemployment, you know…that fictitious number that despite all the evidence, continues to drop.


Here is what Leftist rag Salon has to say about the now 8 million enrollees in ObamaCare:

I said the same thing back when the number was 7 million: Imagine how many more people might have been covered if shrill Republicans hadn’t made repealing and obstructing the ACA their top priority. The news that 35 percent of enrollees are under 35 is particularly heartening: it means many young people ignored the campaign to tell them not to sign up – remember that creepy Uncle Sam “doctor” and reports of cool campus keg parties? Yes, the president had Zach Galifianakis and Bradley Cooper – damn you, Bradley Cooper! Greg Gutfeld is still so angry at you – but imagine where we’d be without an organized national campaign to scare people out of signing up.


Anybody bothered to ask how you shut down the website, yet add another 1 million. And miraculously ObamaCare is 35 percent “younguns.” I don’t buy it.

Where are the Republicans with the counter arguments? Ask people, “How much impact has ObamaCare had in your life? Do you wake up more refreshed knowing that the same medical care you had before ObamaCare exists today, except now you have a penalty enforced by the IRS?”
Obama is a liar. Whatever he says is total BS, and I’d like to see SOMEBODY reminding people about this.

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