More ObamaCare woes…Part Nth

The negative news about Obama is becoming so prevalent, we just need to put and X for which version we are at.

No white president’s “pig on ice” policy would have stood muster; but thankfully for ObamaCare, it’s daddy is black.

But the latest round of bad news begins with the celebrated 7 million mark that Obama recently hit. The White House once minimized numbers twice that large– the 14 million people in the individual insurance market who were facing cancellations because their policies did not have all the required benefits of ObamaCare.

Because of the uproar over these cancellations, Obama’s suckups acted as if this were no big deal. The backlash was even more resounding.

Obama reminded everybody in a news conference last November, that the individual market is just a tiny five percent percent of the population. Well like “tiny” Iran, Obama is having to address the “tiny” problem of HIS creation, and he asked state officials to allow the OLD–you know, the junk plans–to be extended.

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Twenty-one states including California (with 900,000 cancellations) and New York, flatly refused.

Obama knows that the 7 million is a lie, and my curiosity is what will happen as the number starts to shrink, since most of these people have not paid a premium.

Obama is already giving reparations payments to the newly “ObamaCared” poor, but soon the jig may be up on this ruse of epic proportions.


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