Obama’s desperate IRS move: Seize tax refunds

I think Obama may have finally hit a point of desperation, when he has the IRS making people pay for what their PARENTS “may” have done years earlier?

I’m not sure who is head of marketing for the IRS, but this latest move will be difficult to spin. Is this Obama’s way of saying the America we know is officially gone.

Consider that the IRS is in the midst of a major controversy that likely leads directly to the Oval Office, and with ObamaCare, the IRS is amassing the Gestapo, you’d think they would pump the brakes. Apparently not.

As report by Fox News:

Some 400,000 Americans may see their tax refund checks grabbed by the government after Congress quietly lifted the 10-year statute of limitations in 2011 on money owed to Uncle Sam.

Now, debts going back decades are considered fair game for the IRS, and the government is coming after the children and grandchildren of the original debtors for the repayment.

In some cases, debts of parents from the early 1960s and 70s are being collected from children.

In many cases, the IRS doesn’t even possess the original records of the debts.

Well the good news for Liberals is they have nothing to worry about, as we know that Obama’s IRS only targets conservatives.

You would think that given all the scrutiny the IRS is receiving, they would not even consider such an egregious act. This would put most of America in indentured servitude.

One thing is for sure. If they enforce this new provision fairly, Liberals will officially become wards of the state, as they are some tax-cheating, entitlement-stealing scoundrels!

But don’t hold your breath waiting on Eric Holder to prosecute a Liberal Democrat.

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