Obama’s latest selfie proves he’s a rube

Obama got scammed. This moron of presidential proportions thinks he can negotiate at the “world” level, when he doesn’t even realize when he’s being played by a not so dumb athlete.

Right after Obama finished killing a few more jobs, he had a few friends over for one of his famous parties. While yucking it up with the Boston Red Sox, Obama was asked by David Ortiz to pose for a selfie. Not very presidential, but Obama had already done it once with a Scandinavian beauty. Despite the rumors of Obama being on the downlow, Ortiz was likely deemed safe by Michelle, since Ortiz has a Spanish surname, and he’s really dark, aka not the “light-skin with no Negro dialect’s” type.

Runway clear. Selfie complete.

However, what Obama didn’t know is that he allowed the office of the president (yes, Obama himself) to get played by a merchandising pro. As reported in this story in Boston Globe…

Anyway, in fairly short order we learned the whole selfie thing was a scam, Ortiz doing the bidding of the smartphone company that he endorses. Right there in this long-accepted practice of political exploitation, Big Papi pulled a “Gotcha!’’ of epic proportions on the smiling Obama. Boy, if only the Sox DH thought ahead just another half-step and stuck one of those trick flowers in his lapel to douse the commander in chief with an unexpected stream of water.

Ortiz, the Designated Huckster, turned Obama into the Designated Hayseed. I look at the selfie now, Huckster on the left and Hayseed on the right, and can’t believe Ortiz was so brazen, Obama so gullible.

We know Ortiz doesn’t need the money. He just signed a contract extension for another boatload of dough. So now he’s pranking the Prez for a few extra bucks? Really, it can’t be that hard to stretch $15 million a year, even in this challenged economy.

Obama may be Mr. Cool to the ignorant population of America, however the world watches his moronic actions, and takes note.


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