Obama’s Minimum Wage Hustle on Black People

Barack Obama latest attempt to recapture his popularity of 2008 revolves around convincing the minions that he is fighting for “wage equality” by raising the minimum wage.  Fear not, unemployed black people, for soon $10.10 an hour is coming, and you too can live like Oprah Winfrey.

So Obama believes that $10.10 per hour is the new going rate for knowing absolutely nothing at a job and/or being a monumental screw up at a job? $20,000 a year…plus benefits.

Ask an entrepreneur what it takes to generate $20,000 after-tax.

Many Americans have a hustle–a little “bidness” on the side, selling Mary Kay, doing hair,  or selling items on e-Bay. Whatever your hustle may be, I’d like to know how easy it is to make $20,000 after-tax.

Barack Obama has never considered what it takes to earn a legit buck, because Obama has never had to make payroll. Obama has been the recipient of ill-gotten gains from  somebody else’s government hustle or his current one. Nowadays, when Obama needs money, he literally prints it.

Obama wants people to believe that America owes everyone an adequate living, that business is there not for the entrepreneur who engendered the idea, then put his or her resources at risk. In Obama’s mind, businesses are built for government to regulate for employees.

If an employee has led a miserable life that led to a menial job, it’s not their fault. According to the Left, it is the responsibility of the employer to step up and invoke “fairness” for that employee (and all the others).

For the Left, employers are not passionate entrepreneurs, trying to solve a market problem. They are instead babysitters, shrinks, financiers, and most importantly “social engineers” who should forego profits for the sake of the collective.

Obama must be completely oblivious (or obtuse) as he goes on his taxpayer-funded boondoggles abroad disguised as official U.S. business, because he learns nothing of the free-market versus the various government “isms” that exist throughout the world.

There is not a single nation where all the full-time workers are “not living in poverty.” Your best chance to accomplish that is in America.

And here’s the dirty little secret: If have a full-time job and living in poverty in America, it is likely because you are living beyond your means.

But the government has your back, because why work for $10.10 per hour, when not working  pays so much more? Sitting on one’s butt in America may be the best “job” in the world!

America’s “poor” people get heavily subsidized housing, food, cable TV, cell phones, child care, healthcare, jobs training and so on. Obama wants us to add gaming systems, designer handbags, diamond-studded platinum grills, “Jordans”, throwback jerseys, manicures and pedicures, and fake hair to the list of entitlements, because that is where much of taxpayer’s money goes. You can’t buy these things on $10.10 an hour.

America’s poor are doing so well, they are fat.

I’d say America has enough SAFETY NETS for the poor. Instead of worrying about minimum wage, Obama should learn how to create maximum jobs, and well-paying jobs.

The man who spends a trillion dollars more per year than any president in our nation’s history, and who has presided the nation’s worst credit rating in history is crucifying the economy, and the Obama administration is actually prideful about putting people in poverty.

  •  “22,000 people a day go on the food stamp program. I’m Barack Obama, and I approve

Valerie Jarrett of the White House wrote this about the SNAP program:

These investments also benefited our economy as a whole. In fact, every five dollars in new SNAP generates up to nine dollars in increased economic activity, for stores, warehouses, truck drivers, and farms.

With that logic, it’s no wonder Obama wants more poverty.

Even with reports from Congressional Budget Office about his landmark Affordable Care Act potentially creating 2.5 million more pink slips, Obama remains obtuse.

It would be one thing if Obama’s bad policies uniformly affected the nation, but blacks always receive the brunt of those bad decisions.

Unemployment is a perfect example, where blacks are disproportionately unemployed and that has worsened under Obama. Who cares what the minimum wage is, if you can’t find a job?

It is far past time for black Liberals start asking themselves the question, “What would I be saying if Obama were a white Republican?”

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