Obama’s painful reception in PA (video)

Remember when a visit from Obama meant standing room only? Not anymore, as people around the country now realize just how bad his policies suck! Obama spoke at the Community College of Allegheny County, in Oakdale, Pa., on Wednesday, and it might as well had been an audience of crickets.

The White House’s transcript of Obama’s speech includes the laugh lines that few of the almost 300 attendees laughed at.

“Hello, Allegheny County! (Applause.) Joe and I decided it was time for a guys’ trip. (Laughter.) Actually, Michelle and Jill wanted us out the house. (Laughter.) So we decided to take a little road trip.”

As for the rest of the speech, laughter was barely detectable, and what laughter there was, was likely from paid union stooges.

Obama had the nerve to mention “more vacations,” which had to have people shaking their heads, given that American taxpayers have funded $100 million dollars of his.

Take from this what you want, but for me it’s yet another bread crumb that proves all Obama’s popularity is contrived. The media doesn’t want us to know what people think about Obama for real.

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