Are the Obamas “splitsville?” – Truth about China trip

I know the Boston Globe and the National Enquirer have pretty weird news. But these rags have broken some big stories over the past decade. Frankly, I now hold these magazines in the higher esteem than I do the so-called “legit” media.

Well the new rumor that most Amerians suspect is that the Obamas may be splitsville. According to the National Enquirer:

“This was a blowout of epic proportions – probably the nasti­est White House fight they’ve ever had,” a Washington, D.C., insider told The ENQUIRER.

“They were both screaming at one another.

“The president was infuriated when advisers told him that they’d added up the costs of all their ‘vacations’ and China was putting them over the $150 million mark.

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“But he’s defenseless to stop Michelle be­cause their marriage has collapsed. She’s doing what she wants – and that’s seeing the world on the American taxpayers’ dime.”

With the cloak of secrecy surrounding the Obamas, who knows what happening. But what I can tell you is it is entirely believable that their marriage is as much as ruse as the Clinton’s.





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