Pat Sajak: Cover Guy for Straight Out

Recently Pat Sajak, an American television personality, former weatherman, actor and talk show host, best known as the host of the American television game show Wheel of Fortune took the challenge I threw down a while back and came out “NOT Gay.”

It is for this reason, Sajak is on the cover of this month’s Straight Out, a magazine I started for the “NOT Gay” crowd.

People are unsure as to why Sajak decided to put out the tweet, declaring that he is among the “NOT Gay,” however I may know the answer to this.

Our team of “outing specialists” had been planning to out Sajak during “sweeps” week, and we believe this information was leaked to Sajak. An internal investigation is underway to determine the source of the leak.

We have had suspicions about Sajak being “NOT Gay” for some time, and here’s why:

Sajak is divorced from his first wife, Sherrill. He then married his second wife, Lesly Brown Sajak, a photographer, with whom he has a son, Patrick Michael James Sajak and a daughter, Maggie Marie Sajak.

I know…flimsy evidence, but there is more.

Through the Freedom of Information Act, my team found documents that confirmed Sajak’s parents were tested, and both carry the “NOT Gay” gene, which Sajak has inherited.

Perhaps Sajak will next announce that he is actually BALD?


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