Clarence Thomas makes Michigan blacks equal to whites

Clarence Thomas has done black people a FAVOR. Black people in Michigan are now equal to whites. Maybe one day blacks will be equal to whites all over the country?!

Yet these silly Negroes on the Left see Thomas as a turncoat, because they are too stupid to realize how white Leftists have tricked them.

“Why can’t we be LESS than white people!?” – Silly black Leftist Negroes

Racist black fools and their guilty white Leftist enablers have convinced black people that they are in constant need of attention. Like little black babies. Can’t wipe their butts by themselves.

I’d love for some Liberal to try to argue Affirmative Action with me in the time of a black president. Even before Baby Black Jesus, America was bent over backwards to minorities and particularly blacks. Whether it’s the Leftist women’s movement, the gays, or some other moronic Leftist movement, the Left are always ready to blame somebody else for their lack of mobility or income, or whatever. The only people they never blame are themselves.

By the way, since Republican president Nixon started Affirmative Action, I have seen much of an affirmation in the black community. Black communities suck! Black people live worse now, than they did decades ago. Dangerous places filled with dangerous people. Affirmative Action has blacks with no jobs, highest welfare per capita, highest high school drop out rates per capita, lowest college entrance and fewest college graduates per capita, and highest incarceration rates…period.

If you ask this black man,I AFFIRM that black Liberals have squandered Affirmative Action! Affirmative Action should be an embarrassment to black people, because what it affirms is even when you unlevel the playing field in favor of black Liberals, they are too stupid to take advantage of it.

Ask a black Liberal (or a guilty white partner) how long Affirmative Action should last, and watch that panicked look. How many black presidents will it take for America to be forgiven for all the racism of Democrats?

And here’s another question to ask them: Why do Liberal blacks keep voting for their oppressors, the very people who have kept them in chains for decades? Democrats have pandered to blacks Liberals, treating them worse than animals. And in the end, black people are little more than livestock being led to the slaughterhouse.

The Left is made up of groups of punks and pansies, pure and simple. They act tough, then call their lawyers–not that the ACLU is at the ready.

Or the Left goes one better and they call the Fed, the bunch of crybabies.

I don’t make as much money as my EMPLOYER! That’s not fair that he takes all the risks, and makes more money than I do. PENALIZE HIM!

I’m PROUD that Clarence Thomas had the guts to stand on principle, something you will never find with racist black Liberals. Toe the line, style over substance, vote your color racists.

One of these days some alien civilization will look at American civilization and declare Clarence Thomas an American Superhero to Black People. Until they get here, I’m proud to do it.


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