Reality Show Beauty TORCHES Leftist Who Asked About “Her favorite position”

Lauren-ConradReality Show Beauty TORCHES Leftist Who Asked About “Her favorite position”

The Left are the woman haters. Thus they constantly accuse men on the Right of being misogynists.

When I run into a story where a woman manhandles stupid Leftists who disrespect her, I’m jazzed!

Such was the case with reality TV show star Lauren Conrad who was asked, “What’s your favorite position?”

From Acculturated:

If you hate the sexism that comes with women fielding the sorts of questions that men simply don’t even have to confront, then this gif is for you.

Lauren Conrad of past “Laguna Beach” fame (but has since totally made it on her own as a clothing designer and editor of the ever-informative self-named website) totally takes a big step forward for females who are so over society’s inclination towards treating women like sexualized objects, incapable of any additional value.

When asked the question, “What’s your favorite position?” during a radio interview, Conrad barely bats an eye (and certainly doesn’t take the opportunity to treat the Q&A sesh as some ongoing Cosmopolitan quiz).

Instead, she responds: CEO.

The rest of the story: Lauren is a business owner and Conservative Republican. As if I have to tell you that, after hearing her answer.


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