Russians won’t answer Obama’s calls

Obama may have a pen and a phone, but the phone is “man down.” Obama is finding out the hard way that the phone works both ways, and the guy on the other doesn’t have to answer. {face palm}

Obama’s administration is so respected around the world, that heads of state don’t take his phone calls.

As I typed this, I realized that I too would not answer the phone if I knew it were Obama calling, and I know there are millions of Americans who would do the same.


According to Fox News:

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel cannot get his Russian counterpart to take his calls, the Pentagon said Friday — amid a new report that the Kremlin has suspended high-level talks with U.S. officials.

Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren told reporters that Hagel is trying to speak with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, but the Russian Defense Ministry won’t return his calls.

“We have made it clear to the Russians that Secretary Hagel is available for a phone call anytime,” Warren said. “We have reached out to them and made it very clear to them that he is willing to speak with his counterpart” — but, Warren said, “we have not heard back.”

“He wants to tell the Russians to de-escalate the situation in Ukraine,” Warren said. “Their continued destabilizing activities along the Ukrainian border are unhelpful and they need to withdrawal their troops from the Ukrainian border and place them back into their garrisons and go about working to a peaceful resolution to the crisis.”

The Daily Beast also reported that, according to sources close to Russian leadership, the Kremlin has shut down high-level contact between top U.S. and Russian officials, for now.

I doubt this has ever happened between the US and Russia. If it did, it was Reagan shutting down communication and the Soviets looking frantically for back-channel communiques.

There is the pencil, and as we say when Obama keeps his own golf score, perhaps he can pencil-whip Putin into shape.




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