Serena Williams puts Hollyweird Starlets to SHAME!

I don’t know Serena Williams’ politics, but I greatly admire this young lady. Her record in tennis is astounding and would make anybody proud. But it’s her other attributes that I admire even more.

In a time when the Left tries to define beauty Williams bucks the trend. And she is no fake.

Look at how Serena gladly takes photos on the beach, where Hollyweird starlets run off to secluded beaches in order not to showcase their non-photoshopped bodies.

As reported in the UK Daily Mail:

No wonder she is proud.

The same week Serena Williams told the world that she has learned to love her ‘curves,’ the tennis ace has made sure everyone can see exactly what she is talking about.

The 32-year-old put her muscular but shapely physique on full display in Miami, Florida, on Wednesday.

The lesson here is to love yourself. Nobody defines Serena Williams. She plays what Leftist racists call a “white person’s sport,” while being completely black.

Obama could take a lesson from Serena Williams in being yourself and doing it GREAT!

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