Sterling ban puts Blacks back on top over gays!

Because Donald Sterling has been banned from Clippers games, black people in LA can sleep better at night, you know…in those safe black neighborhoods, where the GOOD jobs are. The Sterling punishment puts gays back on the bottom.

The happiest person in America today is Barack Obama. Obama loves when the subject of racism comes up, as he gets to remind us just how bad it is in America.


Why should America be concerned about all the “fake scandals,” like the newly uncovered emails about Benghazi talking points.

So what the economy grew at o.1 percent over the past three months–Somalia’s economy grew faster.

America is on the mend, because a new racist, a vile one at that has been found out.

Too bad he wasn’t the infamous “Tea Party racist,” but Liberals won’t quit looking for him (or her) either.

Donald Sterling takes the microscope off Obama’s incompetence, just long enough to allow the latest Benghazi discovery to die down, and for the media to dismiss the Second Coming of the Newest Greatest Depression.

The media believe they are hiding Obama’s incompetence, but you can only cover up abject incompetence with media soundbites for so long. Eventually we find out that not only does America’s black emperor have no clothes, but he’s a eunuch!

Yet the cover-up continues in the guise of the punishment dished out by the NBA commissioner Silver over Sterling. Sterling, BANNED for life. All to PROTECT A BLACK MULTI-MILLIONAIRE. Magic Girl, not Magic Man.

Magic Johnson is so sensitive that he has allowed this nothing situation to blow up into a Trayvon Martin. That’s because Liberal blacks NEED their protection. Yes, black Liberals are that sensitive? White people wouldn’t give a two shakes of a gay guy’s ding-a-ling over this nonsense.

Black people say crazy stuff about “crackers” daily, with no repercussions.

Ray Nagin wanted to build a chocolate New Orleans, like he was the black Willy Wonka. And even more recently Karen Lewis of the Chicago Teacher’s Union said, [pp] “Chicago belongs to black people.” That certainly explains the murder rate!

I can’t imagine white people were all up in arms when Reid or Biden said their infamous racist comments about Obama?

You should note that the NAACP didn’t get banned for life. They were ready to give a now “confirmed” racist a LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD. Now that Sterling is banned, shouldn’t the NAACP get additional scrutiny, as an organization that condones RACISM!?

Per IRS Section 13, Subchapter 3 paragraph 9-11: Black racist organizations are immune from scrutiny, as intimidation is only for Tea Party organizations.

What would black people have done without the NBA stepping in to SAVE US! Close call for all those self-indulgent, multi-millionaire black Democrats, who could have lost their paydays, had not NBA commissioner Silver stepped in to save their honor.

Can’t have a white racist mucking up basketball, as he might conspire with the openly black racists.

Here I thought the NBA was just a business, only to find out this sport is critical to the fabric of society. No wonder that once white league bought out the ABA; to give black athletes a chance!

That said, those black slaves have done pretty well under their racist white owner. How many multi-millionaires has he created?

Here’s what I do know. That racist Sterling has created more black millionaires than Barack Obama., the very person who robs these black millionaires the moment they get the LOOT!

Back to Donald Sterling, the guy who committed a crime so bad that some arbitrary body can TAKE HIS BALL AND MAKE HIM GO HOME!

Do you realize how STUPID this decision is? How dangerous a precedent this sets? If I were Sterling, I would SUE the NBA!! And yes, I DEFEND his right to be IGNORANT! That’s what the 1st Amendment is all about!

Sterling said something stupid, he hasn’t done anything stupid. If there were penalties for private-life action, yhy hasn’t BILL CLINTON been banned from being around YOUNG INTERNS FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE?! Why hasn’t Alec Baldwin been BANNED FROM HIS CHILD?! Why hasn’t Jamie Foxx been BANNED FROM THE CHURCH?

How many CEOs would be banned if their personal views were leaked out in some money-grabbing scheme? The founder of Mozilla did a self-exile when it was found out that he was FOR MARRIAGE BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN!! The HORROR! It’s not like it was leaked that he didn’t want his ex-girlfriend to be seen with gay people. Nope. He made the very personal decision to donate $1,000 to a charity.

There is one good thing that came from Sterling’s lifetime ban. Racism trumps the gay agenda, at least for the moment.


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