If you tease a Pit Bull, be sure to check his collar

There are many sayings to cover what this guy did, when he decided to tease a dog; and not just any dog, but a Pit Bull.

Pit Bulls may have bad reputations, but you rarely hear about the people who tease them. In a story of comeuppance, the Pit Bull certainly gets his.

There are no bad dogs, just bad people, as this video suggests. Where’s PETA on this? This dog is being harassed, pure and simple, but when he bites somebody, they will say it’s the Pit Bull’s fault.

I own rescue pit bulls, and they are amazing animals. My youngest son clamped one of my dog’s tail with plyers, and the dog yelped and just went to the corner looking “butt hurt” as we say in my family. He didn’t attack my son, though we certainly lectured him (4 years old at the time), about loving our pets.

Had our harmless pet been a Lab or a Schnauzer, my son would likely have required stitches. I’ve been bitten by BOTH those dog breeds, pets of my friends.


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