Congress’ surprising definition of hate-speech

If you think there’s a magical force field like in the movie Men In Black, protecting our Constitution from alien attack, sorry Slick, but we need to talk.

The Constitution doesn’t defend itself, and we don’t get to cruise along on the momentum of the people who fought before us. Liberalism, Collectivism, Marxism, Socialism, or whatever the kids these days are calling the cancerous tumor on society that is at its core Statism, does…not…sleep.

The only cavalry is you and me, standing up, shouting “‘Molon Labe, MoFo!”

The left wing is so emboldened, that they now are attack in broad daylight. This is not the ‘intellectual elite’, hawking Marxist pretzel-logic in Ivy League poli-sci courses. This is mainstream media and retail politics stealing your crap right from under your nose.

There are two bills currently moving though Congress right now, whose purpose is toe criminalize “hate speech.”

Spoiler alert: it’s not the “kill cracker babies” uttered by the New Black Panther Party, nor is it Guy Cimbalo’s piece on “Conservative women I’d love to rape.”

No the “hate speech” Congress wants to kill is more the “marriage is between a man and woman” type.

Hate-speech is not when New York governor Andrew Cuomo declares the 2nd Amendment invalid, and openly discusses confiscating firearms. Nor is it hate-speech when a Seattle Socialist politician called for workers to “take over the Boeing factory.”

It’s not hate-speech, when  Obama made it clear that he doesn’t care about the people and our silly laws: Congress makes the laws; he may enforce some of them.

It’s not in the mainstream media’s Liberal DNA to even recognize these stories, much less consider them hateful.

To recognize such utterances is to acknowledge the disease. If you don’t discuss the problem, it doesn’t exist. The infringement on your freedom of speech doesn’t exist, nor is there an attempt to take your guns. SHHHH…

Leftists like to quiet people (who disagree with them).

Quiet people don’t question why freedom of speech only applies to people who think the way they do. Quiet people don’t ask why gun control cities are the most dangerous cities in the world. Quiet people don’t ask how we’re supposed to ‘COEXIST’ with someone who thinks homosexuality is a death-penalty sin.

QUIET. So they can go on about the business of making us equal. Equally poor. Equally obedient. Equally defenseless. They can and do punish dissidents who step out of line.

Even still. Let’s get to steppin’. Or you can just go back to tiptoeing…quietly.

Magic doesn’t protect the Constitution and our rights. We do!


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